Monday, June 30, 2008

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Wednesday, July 2 at 9 p.m.
(Check your local listings as dates and times may vary.)

Explore genetic tests that can tell you your chances of developing
diseases like diabetes and cancer, see how digital scans and clever
algorithms can reveal counterfeit paintings, learn how artificial
"trees" could someday help remove excess carbon from the atmosphere,
and meet Pardis Sabeti, a geneticist by day and a rocker by night.

Personal DNA Testing
Genetic testing to assess risk factors for a handful of serious
illnesses is now commercially available. But is it a good idea?

Art Authentication
See how clever computer algorithms can distinguish a master fake
from a masterpiece.

Capturing Carbon
An eighth-grader's science fair project prompts her scientist
father to develop a new way to pull excess carbon dioxide out of
the atmosphere.

Profile: Pardis Sabeti
By night she's a rocker. By day, she's a Harvard geneticist
tracking the evolution of the human genome.

The journey continues on the NOVA scienceNOW Web site. Watch the
entire hour-long episode online starting July 3. E-mail scientists
from the broadcast with your questions, conduct a DNA experiment in
your own kitchen, see if you can tell a fake from a genuine van Gogh,
and watch video extras.

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