Friday, June 27, 2008

Japanese Beetles and Pherenomes that Trap

we had a lot of japanese beetles that plagued our garden in the former house and lot so Ed got traps that exude pheremones to attract the japanese beetles and they fall into the traps and cannot get out and die. that can be placed in the compost piles which is basically rots and becomes fertilizers-natural

if i were you, i wouldn't mess with skunks because they release ethyl and methyl mercaptan which is in the musk that stupid men uses to lure stupid women

i found this powerpoint about manure, there are many shitheads running around as well

who wants it?

people who do not take baths and have bad odors are offensive; now when someone comes on you with very foul breath from smoking and drinking and bad body odor in a workplace and you complain and get laid off, that calls for what? a better working environment, if you can find it or home based business if you can cut it or what?

when bad happens and you cannot nip it in the bud, what happens afterwards?

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